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The company name Jest Elite comes from the first initials of our kids. Well, the Jest part does anyway. We added the Elite to the business name because we offer more services than your typical graphic design business. We build sites, build templates, take professional photos, and do all kinds of design work. 

For example, I have a couple of clients where I have provided graphic design, SEO work, photography, videography, web design, code, business cards, logos, shirts, and much more. Both of these clients really enjoy the fact that they can get all of this done by going through one person. They don’t have to translate what the developer is saying to the designer and so on. Jest Elite is a one stop shop. 

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Every day train to improve over yesterday.


Don’t do it for the income. Do it for the outcome. 


I came to Jiu Jitsu because of anger. I stayed with it because of Love.


When you win, you win. When you lose you learn.