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Spokane Web Design

Search Engine Optimized

A website built without SEO in mind is missing the whole point of owning a website in the first place. You want your website to work for you. If your site cannot be found you are spending money on nothing more than a digital business card.

Fully Responsive Website Design

Google indexes your mobile website design first. Combine that with the fact that more and more folks are using their mobile phone to view websites and you come to the conclusion that a website that is not responsive is killing your business.

Let's put your site to work

A website can be a great tool for your business. Let me give you one example. I have a client that has hundreds of students in his classes. Then Covid-19 hit.

All of a sudden he had to cancel class, get the notice out to his students, explain what was happening, and start signing up his members for new classes with limits on how many were allowed sign up for each class. After making some adjustments to the site it was possible for him to do all the above via his website, which saved him a ton of extra work. 

Spokane Amazing Web Design
Spokane Web Design

Confidence in your website starts here.

Spokane Web Design

Hi! I'm graphic designer, Timothy Eberly.

It can be difficult to manage a business AND deal with your online persona. 

You dedicate much of your life perfecting your business; you shouldn’t have to spend all your time figuring out how to get your website to perform. 

I get that.

I am here to help. I design fully responsive websites that will get your business in front of the right people, and turn your visitors into leads. More leads = more money.

Improve communication

Why is that important?
Your website is more important than ever now that people are sheltering in place. The businesses that have done well in this climate are the ones with active websites. This way they never leave their customers out in the cold. 

I’ll help you get your site in front of the right people and help you reach those people in a more efficient way.
This is how we put more cash in your pocket. 

Best SEO Experts in Spokane
Spokane Web Design

Is it time for a new web design?

Do you have a website that works for you, or an expensive digital brochure? If you have an old static website that is no longer working for you, then it is time for a new site. 

What will a new site do for you?

Free up your time

Let your website work for you. Free up more of your time to spend with your family and friends. 

Get more clients

A great looking website needs to be more than a work of art. I have a 50 point comprehensive SEO plan to ensure your site is hitting on all cylinders.

Make you smile

Want to make an adjustment, or correct something on your site? No worries, just give me a call and let me deal with it. 

Let your website work for you. You take care of your business I will take care of your online presence.

A great looking website needs to be more than a work of art. I have a 50 point comprehensive SEO plan to ensure your site is hitting on all cylinders.


Branding includes everything that people will remember about your business. That means your logo, font choices and color scheme as well as photography and layout. 

sites Designed just-for-you

Let’s set up a meeting so you and I can discuss what you desire to get out of your website. I offer spots for projects where I can best be of service. I can help you with your small business, but if you need a website so that you can track your neighbor’s mail or something like that you will need to find another designer. I do have some limitations.

Starting at 3K

Contact me

Click the link above to get a hold of me and schedule a meeting. 

I work with you to carefully plan your marketing strategy in order to have your business communicate what it needs to, and in the least amount of time possible. If you are interested in my help, please click the link above to get started.

James Weed Black Belt Jiu Jitsu

"It’s all coming together really nicely thanks so much for your help. Definitely glad I brought you aboard"

James Weed

Chuck Norris and Web Designer/Photographer Timothy Eberly

"We had the privilege of meeting Tim while filming The Cutter. He provided his photography talent in the most professional manner. His work and work ethics are to be commended"

Chuck and Gena Norris

Martial Artists Adam Smith

"Sweet, I appreciate you very much, I just wish I was a millionaire to pay you lots, you deserve every penny!"

Adam 'Smash' Smith

Judo Logo

"Timothy, absolutely amazing job with the logo. I’ve already rolled it out on the website and social media channels and gotten excited feedback. This is a great rebranding for us."

Toni Kivinen