Creative Design and SEO

Creative Design and SEO

Creative Design and SEO

JestElite IS A FULL-SERVICE SPOKANE WEB DESIGN AND Search Engine Optimization Company.

Design With SEO

You don’t want to have a perfectly designed site fail because it is lacking proper SEO. We take a look at the whole picture and plan accordingly. We take care of company branding, website design, and SEO. 

Spokane SEO

We do it all

If you need a logo, we can do that. If you need copy written for your homepage, we can do that. If you want to make an impression with your design, we can do that, and if you need your site to show up on Google we can do that as well. 

Design Services
Spokane Graphic and Web Design Experience


We have over 10 years of success designing UI for a variety of clients. We have had the pleasure of working with the movie industry, business, music, hemp, food, art, photography, fashion, finance, IT and ecommerce. 

Web Design Communication


We partner with our clients. Not only do we give our clients our full attention, but we also give them the ability to work directly with the designer or developer. This translates into a more fluid UX and a much healthier ROI. We are here to serve you in both designing and consulting roles.

Web Design Problem Solving


Our team are a bunch of problem solvers. Not only do they have a collection of puzzles on their desks at any given moment, but they play chess during their breaks. When a client  has a difficult task, or an issue arises with a particular website, they jump at the chance to troubleshoot the problem and make it go away. 

Web Design Skills


Our team is made up of highly skilled workers from a  number of different industries. We have a still photographer that worked on the set with Cuba Gooding Jr., and Chuck Norris. We have graphic designers that specialize in illustration and vector art. We have typography experts as well as copywriters. We also have graphic designers that spent years writing code and optimizing website for SEO. 


Web Design


Our local Spokane team will work with you on your new logo, fresh art assets, or website design. We have in-house illustration, graphic design, branding, web design, photography, SEO and specialty content writing, and we have a long list of happy customers.


Driven by our passion for creating compelling and usable designs, we specialize in user interfaces for desktop, mobile, and tablets across a wide range of markets. To sum it up we create responsive, interesting and easy to navigate website designs.

Our site design goes a step further than most. We add SEO, and custom illustration as well as professional photography to really help you shine. 

We make sure your site stays true to your branding and to make sure this is top notch we offer logo design as well. 

A site that not only functions and ranks well, but looks nice to boot. It is a tough combination to beat. 


Spokane SEO is used so that your traffic to your site comes from the local area that you live. 

We use local SEO to bring in more customers from Spokane instead of from India. This helps small business in Spokane compete with larger national brands. Why? Because they are local. 

You usually don’t think of SEO when it comes to design, but a website that doesn’t pay attention to SEO is pretty much worthless. You could spend thousands on a nice looking site and still have trouble getting people to see it. 

Or worse all the people that end up seeing your site are potential customers that don’t live anywhere near here. Unless you do business nationally or internationally you are going to want your site to be local SEO optimized. 

Graphic Design

Put our years of experience to work for you

Our attention to detail and UX design expertise is what makes us one of the top UX design firms in Spokane. Together, we’ll improve the usability and usefulness of your design for an optimal user experience.

We take your company branding and help you see it in action with business cards, flyers, shirt designs and more. 

Our designer understands the world of flat stock printing and screen printing which means you get the right formats when you receive your files for print. 

Social Media

Our influences range from vintage art to Swiss modern design. From graffiti to minimalism. They are very useful for social media. 

Spokane Graphic Design

Our illustration is a mixture of graffiti, anime and other similar styles of character development. If you are looking for an urban feel we are the ones to talk to. 

Logo Design

When we think of logo design we swear by the axiom that less is more. We like to keep them simple and easily recognizable. 

Spokane Web Design

More often than not we like to make a mockup of your design or project so you can see for yourself how it will possibly look in action. 


We have a photographer that works for us that used to work on the set with the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr and Chuck Norris. Both of them have given him high marks. 


Your logo, fonts and colors should be the same across the board. More than that they need to speak to your customers and share your purpose with them; all visually. 

James Weed

It’s all coming together really nicely thanks so much for your help. Definitely glad I brought you aboard

Neal and Judy Burns

We hired Timothy Eberly owner of Spokane Web Design. He built Specialty Woods a really nice website a custom w-p template with a nice logo that represents our company custom solid wood conference tables and other fine office furniture product’s. We have come to appreciate his web design wisdom and his highly skilled tech support. He has a keen eye for colors and layouts, and his in-house photography skills are phenomenal.

Chuck and Gena Norris

We had the privilege of meeting Tim in Spokane while filming the Cutter. He provided his photography talent in the most professional manner. His work and work ethic’s are to be commended.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Tim – I feel honored to be the subject of the beginning of a brilliant carreer! MUCH RESPECT!

I have been bragging your name up and down Hollywood.


UI/UX design and branding agency

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry