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Wednesday, July 17, 2020

1960 something in Seattle

I think Seattle was the best it ever was in the 60s. The streets were clean, people were nice and there was a lot of fun things to see and do in Seattle. It was a never ending city of discovery for a young kid growing up. There were games/arcades running all summer long at the center. I think I can still smell the cotton candy sitting here at my desk. A child of 13 could walk several blocks down to the center, play on the rides, take the monorail downtown and more back then. Personally I loved going to the science center. I could spend 5 hours there without batting an eye. Once you see all there is to see at the center you have the entire waterfront to discover. You could walk on a ferry and check out the Ye Old Curiosity Shop at the pier. For lunch you could have the world famous Clam Chowder from Ivars and feed the seagulls french fries out of your hand. For the third day of discovery you had the Gas Works park, where you could climb on all sorts of really cool historic pipes and gears. And the day after that you could spend all day long at the Pike Place Market. 

There was so much a kid could do there. It was never ending. You had amazing shops in the U-district, and fancy places to eat while watching the ships come in. I have fond memories of Seattle for sure. 

The one thing that stands out with all my memories was the spirit of Seattle. It felt like the entire city was headed for the future. It embraced positivity. It was the city of dreams. I like to think about the better times Seattle had while working on some of the graphics I work on.