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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Improve Your Website Today

  1. Your phone number should be at the top of your site
  2. Good Logo and Design. Keep colors and fonts consistent. 
  3. Good titles.
  4. Have Useful content.
  5. Make Sure Your Site is Responsive.

With Just Those Five Things You Can Improve Your Website’s Ranking.

Your website is a large part of your business. With good SEO it should easily dominate the local Spokane market. Plenty of companies in Spokane have no idea what to do when it comes to SEO and because of that, they rank much lower than they should. If you are competing with these companies it is a good thing you are reading this. It is a bad thing if you are one of those companies that has no idea what changes need to be made.


I am going to show you 5 simple ways you can improve your website and increase your site’s rank. Again, these are easy fixes.

  • Phone number and address

One of the first fixes to your site could be to simply add your phone number to your site. Your business phone number needs to be visible and prominent. The phone number is not so much about making it so people can contact you, but so that they know they can contact you. They need to know you are a legitimate business. Businesses that hide their number appear to be avoiding their customers.

  • Your logo and branding

Your logo needs to be easy to find, identifiable, and rememberable. It should also be a link back to your homepage. This is common practice these days. The site color scheme should match the logo and overall site branding. The following logo doesn’t match the site design at all.

  • Improve your Website with clear and exciting titles

You can easily lose your customer’s focus by not using an easy to understand headline hierarchy. Using titles like “Get yours today” and “Shop now” doesn’t help the viewer at all. Get what? What is the person shopping for? Shouldn’t that be a priority? It would be much more useful for them to write titles like “Spokane buys it’s RC cars here.” Followed up with more titles that build off of the first title. “RC Trucks for offroading.” etc. Welcome to your site is not a very useful title. The following site is not using clear, helpful titles. At least their number is at the top and easy to find.

  • helpful content (how can you better serve your customer)

Ask yourself, how can you better serve your customer? Your content should be an answer to that question. If you know your customer is going to want to know the difference between products, then tell them. If they want to know which one is the best, tell them that too. Just saying “shop now” doesn’t help them at all.

  • Responsive

Your site needs to be responsive. Let me say that again. Your site needs to be responsive. More people are viewing your site on their mobile devices then they are on a desktop. They are driving by your store and then looking you up online before they get home. Is your site prepared for that? Do you know how annoying it is to bring up a site only to be able to read a sliver of it?

These five little fixes could quickly improve your site’s rank. Of course, there is a lot more involved with these site’s SEO, but this is a start. And a good start at that.