About Us

JestElite stands for J=Jade, E=Ezekiel, S=Shadrach, T=Timothy. There are a lot of reasons why JestElite is here designing and building websites. All of the reasons are the clients we have helped and have expressed to us that we need to provide this service for others. So that is exactly what we are doing; we are bringing our unique designing to you. The public. 

Going from a hobby to a business

Art has always been a part of our lives. Our designer spent the majority of his life working on his graffiti and sketching all kinds of things. Art being all he really knew he went to Seattle to go to The Seattle Art Institute. 

Logos - Graphic Design

Taking it to the next level

What really began to make a difference in this designer’s life was his need to create his own website. Long ago he took the time to learn how to design and build websites. What he REALLY learned is that design is something you are learning in life, not something you learn. Past tense. 

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In addition to drawing, graphic design and website design our designer has been into photography ever since high school. One day when playing chess in Coeur d’Alene his photography was discovered and he was asked to join a friend working on the set of a film in Spokane. He continued working on films up until they stopped filming feature films in Spokane. 

James Weed wearing the original Matrat shirt

Our clients

The reason we took this hobby of creating art and made it into a business is because of the people we have created art for. Their feedback has been extremely positive. Many of them have told us to start a business, so we decided to listen to them and start JestElite.