Who is Jestelite?

The story of a website that finally gets noticed

one problem over and over

Working in web design for 20 plus years, I constantly saw one problem over and over.
Websites that looked nice, but didn’t clearly explain what they were about. A confusing message is still confusing even when it is dressed up nicely. 
So I spent several years working on how to improve site design so that it would clarify the message the site was trying to deliver to it’s audience. 
I also spent a lot of time in SEO because I thought the more people I could get to the site the more business the site would do. 
I changed the site over and over again, tweaking the design and the SEO until something clicked and I felt it was done. Thing is, it never clicked so it was never done. 

How I stopped that cycle

Then I discovered storybranding. Storybranding makes sense. Common sense. But more than just making sense it brings the entire process of SEO and site design into a cohesive process. 

It was nice to see that my love for design could be used in the marketing scheme. After all it is the tool it is meant to be in the first place. Nevertheless I am extremely excited that I get to use my photography, illustration and design skills to better customer’s websites. 


Good web design helps you reach the customers you need to reach.

Fully Responsive

More and more folks are using their mobile phone to view websites. A website that is not responsive is killing your business.

SEO Optimized

You want your website to work for you. If your site cannot be found you are spending money on nothing more than a digital business card.


over 80% of people out there will research your company online before picking up the phone.

Your new voice

content marketing is how you reach the customers you want to reach.

My Skillset