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web design is important

2 VERY Important Reasons Why Web Design Is Critically Important!

If you are serious about your business you need to be serious about your site’s presence on the web. People aren’t coming to your website by accident. They are looking for what you have to offer them. Poor site design can really hurt your first impression.  A professionally designed web...

what is SEO?

What is SEO and how can it help your business

People visit websites for one reason and one reason only. To get something. That something may be information, service or a product. Either way they are looking for something. Since they are looking, it makes sense that someone wants to be found. SEO helps bring your site to the attention...

Image SEO tips and tricks

8 simple ways to improve your image SEO [plus a bonus tip]

It's REALLY tough to get your photos to rank well in Google searches. Or is it? As it turns out it is easier than you might think. Chances are no one has ever told you how easy it is though. Today is your lucky day because I am going to...

Networking for SEO

Building a larger online community

Building a global community that works for everyone starts with the millions of smaller communities and intimate social structures we turn to for our personal, emotional and spiritual needs. Whether they’re churches, sports teams, unions or other local groups, they all share important roles as social infrastructure for our communities....

Having a narrow niche for profit

Have a Consistent Narrow Niche

Does your Website offer information on a subject, opinion, or products? Over time you may find your site is trying to do and sell too many different things. I have a website that sells photography, and let me tell you it is very easy to me to focus on landscape...

Website Improvment

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website

There are some things you can do to improve your website. Simple things. The following are some of the more common things we tend to see. You can make a lot of headway by adjusting these 5 simple things.

SEO Chart

Fantastic SEO Chart Turns You Into An SEO Expert

Infographics are also great items to print out and put on your wall by your desk as reminders. This one and a few others have been really helpful when it comes to my SEO. I have used all of these techniques in the past. They have all been proven to...

Using AIDA Marketing Principles Will Change Your Life

Have you heard of Aida. No, not the opera. Can I have a show of hands that actually knew that there was an opera called Aida. LOL. Okay, well I am sure most people have never heard of the opera much less the principles known as the AIDA principles. AIDA...

Write better titles and drive more traffic to your site

Better titles means more traffic to your site. Your website is not just your business card or a flyer. It is your sign out front of your building and the first thing you say to your prospective clients. Put yourself in your client's shoes. What do they want from you?...