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Illustrations and Drawings by Spokane Artist

Excellent for logos and company branding! Available for hire.

Illustrated characters add a ton of life to your brand, plus they are just plain fun!
As you can see from my portfolio most of my images are pretty, umm, interesting. That being said, however, I am perfectly capable of illustrating more sane characters as well. Please browse through the examples and let me know if we can make something happen together! Most characters can be done for less than $500! Is that amazing or what!?? 

DINO logo mascot concept
Octopus with Logo Sample
Space Force

more from my portfolio

Funky Monkey
The Spokane Sass Character Mascot
Another Octopus
Einstein Illustration
Baby Yoda Illustration
Silent Majority
The School bus
Espoon Judokerho
Jiu-Jitsu GI Artwork
Covid Killer
Sick of Covid
Walter Caricature