Spokane Illustrator

Jiu Jitsu boy

We do everything we can to help promote Jiu Jitsu in the area of Spokane. This is one of our sponsored events. We will do work to support Jiu Jitsu as long as it doesn’t compete directly with ou…

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Spokane Graphic Design

Jiu Jitsu Octopus

I can’t tell you why I wanted to draw this octopus, but I was really motivated to draw it so I did.  There are a couple of things I like about this illustration. One is the way I made the t…

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Illustration and Graphic Design [Spokane]

Newborn Cascao Team Shirt Design

James came to us with the concept of putting a retro design with a modern twist on their rashguards. It had to have a hand-drawn look to it, but done in a clean vector. He showed us an image of a…

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Frankie Wants Coffee


We really didn’t have any special reason to do this illustration. We just felt like being a little strange. It happens all the time.

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