Ahrend Law Moses Lake

The Ahrend website project had two main goals.

  • Increase the amount of quality traffic coming to the site via
    organic searches.
  • Convert visitors to the website into leads.

The plan is to increase visitors to the site by fine tuning the keywords on the site, specifically in the titles and descriptions.

The topic of the homepage will be changed from services to the business. Content on the homepage should be benefit based. The second step of the plan is to delight each visitor with a pleasant browsing experience. The look and feel will be part of this step.

Another part will be to break the navigation into proper sections allowing the visitor to easily navigate through the website. A services page will be added and subsequent service detail pages will be added to the site as necessary. These pages will link to the homepage. The blog pages will be converted to a NEWS section. The concept there is to mainly keep the articles short.
The design of the homepage will bring a hierarchy to the items so that the viewer knows what is important and can move on to the next step easily.