The Headhunter Barber Shop Logo [Update]

We love logo updates. Taking a client on the journey from old-image to new is a very rewarding.

Take the local barbershop, Headhunters:

The Headhunter Original Logo

The Headhunter Original Logo


  • Modern update that should work for the web, clothing branding, business cards, and promotions.
  • Keep the skull.
  • Keep the hair and the hair pick.
  • “Make us look fresh.” Add some energy to the concept.


But what direction would we take? More detail? More expression?

Here are some things we knew about the client:

  • He was a sports fan.
  • He loves the color red.
  • He was traditional.

So, after a few sketches to develop the concept we arrived here for our first proposal.

What did we do differently than the original logo?

We decided to flip the colors from inverted to standard. This resulted in the black afro and the white skull. And we went out on a limb and added stitching to the mouth instead of teeth in an attempt to get closer to the headhunters theme.

Developing a logo is a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy this process as much as we do.

Shirt mockup of the headhunter logo

Shirt mockup of the headhunter logo

Project Details
  • Client: Headhunter Barber Shop
  • Project Role: Graphic Design / Marketing