Jest Elite Web Design

The JestElite website started out as a couple of other business niches before settling down as a web design business. First it was photography, then graphic design and now web design. When you change focus on a site like this it can take a while for it to reflect the changes you are making. The site was a hobby business at first and is now moving up in the world and taking on some respectful clientele.

The first approach on the site SEO was a very gradual one. The resources weren’t available for a fulltime commitment at the time so we focused on changing the titles, descriptions and h1 tags first. SEO wise our first goal was to specifically target the Spokane area with our local SEO. As time went by we look another look at the business and it began to look like Spokane wasn’t that interested in hiring Web designers, or graphic designers. “Spokane Web Design” was only searched for 320 times a month. JestElite wanted more. Still remaining a local SEO client they took the emphasis off of Spokane and put it back on Web Design. “Web Design” is searched for 301k times a month. The goal here is to increase the site traffic while keeping it local thus pushing it up in the rankings.

Ninja SEO Spokane Wa

Project Details
  • Client: JestElite LLC
  • Project Date: 2018-2019
  • Site URL: Visit Link
  • Project Status: Ongoing