MaidaKelley Website

The MaidaKelley site redesign was a complete rework of the old site from the ground up. What really sets this project apart from the others is the location of the business–Ketchikan Alaska.

Investors in the market rarely invest in a stock without researching the company first. It is also important to research and get to know our clients. This can be a little more difficult when the company is located over 1,200 miles away. We are not about to let a client down though, so we took a trip to Ketchikan to get to know the client and her business in depth.

Obstacles we overcame in this design:

  • Copy. The copy for the website has to be written in the voice of the client with attention to SEO.
  • SEO. The SEO for this type of project is challenging.

There are fewer artists selling their art from their own websites than one might think. Even so, online art sales jumped 24% last year. Maida does not want to sell her work through a third party. This means we are competing with some of the big boys out there. To help her gain some traction we use Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. The Pinterest and Instagram post were made from the images we took in Alaska.