The Original Matrat Shirt Design and Some Variations

Designing the Brazilian Matrat shirt has been a great learning experience for me.

There is no such thing as perfection.

You can strive for it. Practice it. Think you’ve got it. But you will never actually obtain perfection.

In our family we have a saying “Practice makes permanent.” The idea is that you never actually obtain perfection even though that is what you are striving for. The reality is that you are learning how to repeat good things and weed out the bad.

This shirt is the way it is. I am not sure how to make it any better anyway. I mean there are tons of prints out there that people love that are really sloppy. That is the edge that people are looking for.

Graphic Design and or art is not always about how good you are, but rather a question of whether or not people like it. Sometimes the less than perfect drawing is the one that sells.

I have tried to redraw this shirt and improve on it, but it has never worked. The matrat needs to have a hand drawn look and feel to it. Polishing it up doesn’t work for this design.

The quality of the shirt it is printed on is almost just as important as the print itself. It’s about the whole package. Not just the art on the shirt. People are wearing the shirt and no matter how much they like the print they will stop wearing it if it looks ugly or feels uncomfortable. Likewise, if it feels nice and fits perfectly, people will wear the shirt more often. (Which means more people see it and possibly buy it.)

Having a well-known person wear the shirt is better advertising than posting the shirt on social media. Thank you James. James’ fame, alone, led to several sales. I plan on sending on to James Foster 300 as well.

Jiu Jitsu characters are more sly than fierce. When you see MMA shirts you see skulls, fangs, death and lots of aggression. Turns out Jiu Jitsu athletes are not really like that. They are tough but a lot of their toughness comes from their ability to outthink their opponent in all kinds of situations. They are playing people. They setup a move knowing that the defense of that move will setup their next move. Brute force is nice, but it won’t work against a professional or otherwise skilled Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

There are a lot of different matrat characters out there, but there may be only one matrat shirt. There are hipstir matrats, there are jock matrats, there are heavy metal matrats, there are kid matrats, there are…. you get the point. But no matter how many different ways I try to design the matrat, it  truly ends up being that there is only one. Here are some Brazilian Matrats that didn’t quite measure up to the original.

James Weed wearing the original Matrat shirt

James Weed wearing the original Matrat shirt

The more successful you are the more people there are to take advantage of you. Truth is, the more successful you become the more people there are trying to tear you down. People came out of the woodwork claiming the matrat was theirs. Like they owned the concept of a matrat. I’m sorry, but I am not designing a company logo, I am designing a shirt to reflect the existing matrats. Get over it people. 🙂

Graphic Design Spokane

Graphic Design Spokane

BJJ Matrat Shirt Design For Kids

BJJ Matrat Shirt Design For Kids