Team logo in an American Presidential Campaign Logo style

The angst among most folks around here regarding politics is so thick you could cut it with a knife. It only makes sense, therefor to make a team logo somewhat mimicking the whole process. In other words we consider the craziness in politics a trend and it makes sense to ride the coat tails of that trend and make a team logo in the same style as a political campaign logo.

Here are some samples that we gather our inspiration from:


These are two Jiu Jitsu team logos that we are combining into one work of art. Team one, Cascao Jiu Jitsu. Team two, Newborn Jiu Jitsu.



The first round of logos looked like:

We picked the one we thought was best and emphasized Jiu Jitsu just a tad more.
What are your thoughts? Did we nail the concept? Leave your comments below and let us know how we did.