Western Christian Academy Makeover

The Mission:

Western Christian Academy came to us with a badly outdated website and company branding. The old look didn’t take into consideration how others viewed the company and it was negatively effecting their overall performance.  The SEO needed an update which included improving stock images, rewriting titles and descriptions and making sure the site was responsive. The branding also needed a major refresh. The old logo looked a little too much like clip art and gave the impression that school was NOT a fun experience. 

The new design of the site and company reflects their worldview. The logo is a combination of a shield of faith and the world they are trying to reach. In the middle is the cross which holds it all together. The font used is similar to the one they had before and is representative of the western way of living. It is seen often in college logos and designs.

The color blue represents trustworthiness and when combined with white – cleanliness, or purity.

Primary color palette

The school needed people to view them as a serious alternative to public school, so we removed the majority of rounded corners in favor of a straight, level appearance.

We updated everything including how paragraphs of text were used and the forms customers used to sign up with. The images we used were of children and kids enjoying themselves. We strive to avoid the look of a typical stock image as it can make the site look a lot less personal. We wanted to avoid images of parents with their kids working on homework because for one most of the other home schooling websites use those and two it can remind the parent that they will have to work on school with their kids.

We work on the SEO through the design process and after. Once the site was designed we took another look at the SEO.


SEO is not just knowing how to change on-page SEO factors, but knowing what to change them to. In some rare cases it’s know WHEN to change them. This site was a challenge in a number of ways. It already had a ton of traffic, but we felt it could be improved. What we didn’t want to do was make a bunch of changes and lose all the people that visit the site and have yet to make a decision on whether or not to go with the school. If a parent has visited a site and is thinking it over, it can come as too large of a shock to see the site is completely different.

So we announced that some changes were coming and teased them with the new color scheme and fonts. We also let them know via social media.

Once the new site launched we began to tweak our keywords just a little to target “Christian Homeschool” instead of “Accredited Homeschool”. We have seen steady growth since.

August 2019

Update: Going into the new year, 2020, WCA has grown in searches even more.
Jan 2020

The end result:

The WCA site has a good responsive nature to it, with  improved content and much needed face lift.

Project Details
  • Client: Western Christian Academy
  • Date: 2018
  • Project URL: Visit Link
  • Project Scope: Design, Branding, SEO