Western Christian Academy

We believe in divine providence. The events that surrounded the remake of the Western Christian Academy website and our designer’s kids need for homeschooling is a perfect example. The two came together perfectly.

We discovered the WCA website by chance and immediately we had the desire to remake the site image and SEO. We had the desire to change it, however we did not approach the subject of work on their site at all. They contact us. After a little negotiating we agreed to take on the task of redoing their site.

The first thing that had to go was their old logo. It resembled clip art and did very little to communicate trustworthiness. It made the company look like they worked out of their garage. Our goal with the logo was to simplify while keeping with the old theme of desk and learning. The shield and cross both represent faith. The world represents a worldview; in this case a Christian worldview.

Their old logo


The new logo we made them

The new Homeschool logo

Next up was to remake their whole site. We started with the slider and kind of worked from their. Once we had the site designed we created an entirely new section for the teachers. This way you can view your teacher and see their contact information as well as their biography. We feel this helps the students connect with their teachers.

The next thing we are going to add is the calendar. We will synch that with their existing Google Calendar. That way when they add an event or update their calendar it will automatically update their site.

Project Details
  • Client: Western Christian Academy
  • Project Date: 2018
  • ProjectURL: Visit Link
  • Project Category: Graphic Design | Web Design