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May 4, 2022


If you want to see what the first church in Idaho looks like, visit Cataldo Mission.

The Cataldo Mission was built in 1864 by the North American Missionary Society to serve a population of Indian soldiers who had been captured fighting for the Confederacy. The soldiers were brought from their ancestral home in Mexico to a new territory and moved into this village—a place filled with hope where they could learn a trade and create a new life.

Cataldo Mission is one of Idaho's most remarkable historic sites, and its story deserves to be told. It is located along Interstate 15 near Ketchum, about an hour north of Boise. The mission sits on three acres of land that currently houses 4 commercial buildings: two churches, including the Cataldo Church; their conference center; and the Fort Hall Trading Post.


The point of this design is art. I want to communicate the details of the location with an artistic feel to it rather than a boring document you might get in history class. You should WANT to browse through the pictures and eventually visit.

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