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Date: August 24, 2022
Roll: Designer
Client: Fuki Steakhouse

Fuki Steakhouse Website Facelift

My son started working at Fuki Steakhouse not long ago and he absolutely loves it. Seeing how motivated he was to work at Fuki I decided to check out their website to see if there was anything I could offer them.

When I viewed their site I noticed several things that needed to be updated.

For starters:

  • their menu was missing. The links for the menu were giving errors.
  • In addition, the content was not mobile friendly. The text was too small to read on a smartphone.
  • One other issue that bothered me was that there were zero images of the actual restaurant.

I spent a little time making a mockup for them so they could see how a new site may look and operate. If they decide to redo their site I will make sure they get the 'friends of the family' deal.


  • First, make sure all links work as they should.
  • Second, use my own images and video. The current site doesn't even show you what the place is like. They used stock images from Unsplash.com
  • Third, upon approval, get rid of the PDF menu and instead convert their menu into a custom post type.
  • Fourth, the site should look highly professional and give the customer a sneak peak into why FUKI is the best Japanese steakhouse in the area. The design has a darker tone due to the hibachi feel, and the textures convey importance and hand-made quality.