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Date: April 7, 2022
Roll: Illustrator/Designer
Client: Got Ink?

Got Ink Mascot Logo

This was a fun logo and logo mascot to work on.
Matt Shope (@mshope208) got a hold of me, via Instagram, to help his friend out with a logo. I am more than happy to help out Matt. He is an amazing artist, and I like to promote artists like him that are talented, nice, and generous. His friend has a tattoo shop in Seattle. He said he needed a logo for his shop ASAP. We spoke about his business over the phone and then I thought about what kind of design I would like to do for his shop. After thinking about it for about an hour, I went to work. Originally he wanted a hip-hop character coming out of a milk carton, but I think that would have been too busy for all the applications the logo would be needed for. He also wanted the logo to resemble the old milk campaign "got milk?". The character would have an expression of "got ink?". Which to me, means a raised eyebrow. The rest was pretty easy for me since it was right in my genre of work. Graffiti characters. :)

I sketched out the character and ran the idea past him. He liked the idea, so I continued to make the mascot. I wanted to keep the lines hand-drawn because it was a graffiti character. Otherwise, I would have redone the character in illustrator.


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