Newborn Jiu Jitsu 2021

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Well, it has been a year since the last design was launched. It was time for a redesign. I took some time to shoot some more photos for the site and restructured the content to fit a more story brand approach. In addition, I added some functionality to the backend including enhanced security and custom post types.

Newborn Jiu Jitsu didn’t have much of a website when I started working on their site. Most of the people that knew about the school heard about it via word of mouth. I wanted to make sure that this gym was very visible so that it could be found when people searched for Jiu Jitsu in Spokane.

James also needed a calendar that he could update more easily than making a new PDF file.

We chose his color scheme at the same time we built the website. Lots of colors would work, but we chose a blue color to represent a solid respected company. This isn’t one of those gyms that comes and goes in a week or two.

The flyers and ads used on Facebook pushed the envelope on design when it came to gyms that were known for MMA. These tournaments were highly focused on the sport of Jiu Jitsu and not so much on the aggressive mood of the UFC. We really wanted to attract professionals, that cared about the sport.

Newborn Jiu Jitsu 2021


Newborn Jiu Jitsu