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Client: Newborn UK

Newborn UK

I was asked to make a logo for the Newborn team that will be headquartered in the UK. The requirements were for it to be similar to Newborn's original logo, with the UK colors and a lion. This is what I came up with. The fonts are the same and I kept the belt in the logo, so that was cool. I chose a circle for this logo so that it would more easily fit the back of a GI.

Newborn Jiu Jitsu started to branch out into the European Jiu Jitsu market. They needed a team logo that kept the original feel, but was different enough that it could be considered unique to the UK team.

Eric wanted to incorporate a lion (faith in God), the UK colors, and possibly change the font some so that it looked a little more like the Metallica logo.

The first lion I sketched was just to feel out the character of the lion for this project. I liked the idea of the belt and the crown, but I didn’t like that it was in a vertical orientation which would make it strange when it came time to put it on a GI.

It makes sense to redo the lion as a fighter. So I found an image I felt I could work with and made the logo from that.  I didn’t want the lion so aggressive that it turned people off from the sport of Jiu Jitsu, so I toned the attitude down some.

I also made it round so that it would work well on a GI.


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