Pliris Complete Plans

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PLIRIS is much more than just a website design. PLIRIS was a very functional website based on a simple plan that turned out to be far from simple at all. :) The idea was to sell blueprints. But it expanded from there into a much more complex tool for the business.

  • First we needed to be able to upload the plans and make them available for sale without actually processing a credit card. This meant simple Woocommerce solutions wouldn't work this time around.
  • Second, we needed to keep track of the vendors that created the plans in the first place.
  • Third, we needed to associate the venders with their plans, so only their plans showed when searching that particular vendor.
  • Fourth, we needed to create a portal for vendors, builders, designers, and suppliers. The portal would allow each user to view the progress of their projects.
  • Fifth, place vendors, builders, and projects on a map that can be searched and filtered to find local builders and suppliers.
Pliris Complete Plans