WCA logo
Spokane Web Design
Date: July 14, 2021
Roll: Designer/Developer
Client: WCA

Western Christian Academy

The old WCA website 2012:

The school was in dire need of marketing assistance as their message of being a Christian school lacked resonance with the public. When I stumbled upon their website, I jokingly mentioned to my wife that I should redesign it. Little did I know, my wife revealed my web design and development skills to the school, instantly piquing their interest. They proposed a trade-off, offering me children's tuition in exchange for my time and expertise. Intrigued by the opportunity, I agreed, viewing it as an exciting experiment and valuable experience.

I revamped the Western Christian Academy website, starting with a fresh logo and a visually appealing website design to enhance their initial impression. Next, I delved into optimizing their on-page SEO. During this process, I discovered that the site was redirecting to an incorrect page URL, which I promptly resolved. Throughout the years, I have actively worked with them to foster a positive mindset, encouraging them to view themselves as a thriving professional business in today's modern age. This mindset shift is now reflected in their customer interactions, as they prioritize delivering exceptional service and experiences.

First and foremost, I tackled their logo, recognizing that it would set the tone for their entire branding journey. Collaborating closely with the school, we developed a new logo that authentically reflected their identity while considering the preferences of their target audience. We aimed for professionalism with a touch of fun, something that resonated with students and could be enjoyed on social media and in person. Establishing a new brand guide followed, providing the school with standards to uphold moving forward.

Once the branding foundation was set, I dived into revamping the website, carefully ensuring that the school's search engine rankings were not negatively impacted. The hero section of the site played a pivotal role, effectively conveying the administration's vision for the future.

Upon completion, we closely monitored the site's traffic and were thrilled to witness a remarkable 100% increase within a year. However, the most unexpected and rewarding outcome was the positive shift in staff perspective. They gained a newfound appreciation for their roles, recognizing the significance of their daily contributions. The project's highlight was witnessing the overwhelming positive response from students, parents, and teachers. The revamped site reignited their connection to the school's values and reminded them of their shared identity.

Not only did I enhance the site's appearance, but I also overhauled the backend infrastructure. Leveraging WordPress, Elementor, and JetEngine, I created a streamlined system where course work, grades, staff information, and more were neatly categorized into custom post types. This ensured that information remained up-to-date across the site, eliminating the possibility of oversight.

Lastly, I extended my support to the school's marketing collateral needs, such as brochures and other promotional materials. You can explore examples of my work for them in the photo gallery.


Give the site a clean minimalist look using colors that meant business and fun. I also worked hard to improve loading speeds and SEO in general.
Modernize the look of the website. Make the site responsive.  Art direction was also needed. Basically I had to start from scratch. Which is what I love.

The logo: The logo is a combination shield, cross and planet. I wanted the logo to reflect “Christian Worldview”, while looking like a modern school. The old logo was clipart, so I felt it extremely important to have it redone. The logo had to be appropriate for a large school. This meant simple and easy to process.

The colors: Blue to convey serious business and yellow to convey fun while learning.