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Friday, July 31st, 2020

School Bus Illustration

One of my favorite types of projects are the ones I get to do for the kids. My style of illustration is a mixture of graffiti and whatever else I can find that works at the time. Using graffiti to make what is normally a negative experience or memory in the mind of a child into a fun graphic is an awesome side effect of graffiti. 

I was asked to make a “logo” that involved a school bus, so I immediately went to the rough drawing style and made the bus as funky as possible. 

To make the bus look like this I drew the bus with a lean, and shortened up the perspective a lot. Then I gave the bus huge rims so that it would ride super low to the ground. Once I had the drawing I added color and text in Adobe illustrator.

Get on board! 

Bus Illustration
school bus illustration