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Search Engine Optimization
Stand out from the crowd with proper SEO

By the time you finish this sentence, about 40 people have already hit publish on their blog posts today. That’s upwards of 83,000 posts per hour. These kinds of numbers make it easy to believe that it’s hard to stand out, to be heard in such an unmanageable crowd.

But how do you get heard? 

How could anybody find anyone among the millions and millions of voices saying similar things all over the internet? The answer is, “not by accident.” Brilliant, targeted SEO is the magic fix for web anonymity. It isn’t luck,  and it isn’t chance.

But how we do it isn’t really magic. My process is very technical, and I am  thorough with your words, your on-page elements, and the elegance of your navigation. It’s the science of usability married to the new AI protocols that determine who Google will rank at the top and who is cast off to obscurity. We increase your visibility, track the traffic that is being driven to your site, and tweak it all to increase your rank and your conversion rate. More traffic, more clicks, more customers.

And SEO is specific. You know there are people looking for the goods or services you provide, but how do you reach them? SEO is what determines whose website they will visit first, and it’s the determiner for how long they will stay. SEO is the cover of your metaphorical novel, the blurb on the back of the book, the fly-leaf inside. It’s what makes people want to see more of what you’ve got. And with quality content and a quality presentation, we will get more eyes on your product. They will come. I guarantee it.

Whatever your size, you are a real business serving real customers. Let me put you in touch with more potential customers. 

A lot of proven SEO techniques and a few that aren’t…

…but zero black hat, or shady techniques. The top SEO’s in the industry will not rely on guesswork. They have proven results from countless single variable testing to make sure their techniques work. They also have reports from the likes of Google that are clear on what works and what is frowned upon. When a technique cannot be “proven” to work they use the very next best thing — common sense and logic. 

I wouldn’t waste your time using techniques that are not reliable. You wouldn’t hire a landscaping company to work on your yard if you didn’t know what they were going to do with your plants, would you?

SEO without all the trickery!

I use a very common sensical approach to SEO. I believe strongly in transparency. 

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