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Getting to the top of Google search results

By the time you finish this sentence, about 40 people have already hit publish on their blog posts today.

That’s upwards of 83,000 posts per hour. These kinds of numbers make it easy to believe that it’s hard to stand out, to be heard in such an unmanageable crowd.


I'm not going to leave you hanging

Marketing is more than just sharing your website with random people on the internet.... I will help you fine tune your website's message so that you can better reach the people you want to reach.
You are not alone.

A Voice in the Wilderness

How could anybody find anyone among the millions and millions of voices saying similar things all over the internet? The answer is, “not by accident.” Brilliant, targeted SEO is the magic fix for web anonymity. It isn’t luck,  and it isn’t chance.

Target local business with SEO

SEO will increase your visibility. Locally. I will help you get your site on all the important list. More traffic, more clicks, more customers. 

SEO Magic Potions?

No. It isn’t really magic. My process is very technical, and I am  thorough with your words, your on-page elements, and the elegance of your navigation. It’s the science of usability married to the new AI protocols that determine who Google will rank at the top and who is cast off to obscurity. 

Remember, with Jestelite your website comes with

This is how I approach SEO. The first thing, after speaking with you, is put down the titles, headers and descriptions. Although I don’t produce your copy for your site, I will guide you through the process of writing your content so that it communicates more effectively to your customer base. We will discuss website hierarchy and ways to get traffic to your site via organic searches.