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Search Engine Optimization generally speaking is how we get your site found on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO being found in a large crowd

Upwards of 83,000 people post per hour.


Which means that by the time you finish this sentence, about 40 people have already hit publish on their blog posts today.

These kinds of numbers make it easy to believe that it’s hard to stand out, to be heard in such an unmanageable crowd.


So how do you get heard?


How could anybody find anyone among the millions and millions of voices saying similar things all over the internet? The answer is, “not by accident.” Brilliant, targeted SEO is the magic fix for web anonymity. It isn’t luck,  and it isn’t chance.Our process is technical, and we are thorough with your words, your on-page elements, and the elegance of your navigation. It’s the science of usability married to the new AI protocols that determine who Google will rank at the top and who is cast off to obscurity. We increase your visibility, track the traffic that is being driven to your site, and tweak it all to increase your rank and your conversion rate. More traffic, more clicks, more customers.


Spokane SEO is specific.


You know there are people looking for the goods or services you provide, but how do you reach them? SEO is what determines whose website they will visit first, and it’s the determiner for how long they will stay. SEO is the cover of your metaphorical novel, the blurb on the back of the book, the fly-leaf inside. It’s what makes people want to see more of what you’ve got. And with quality content and a quality presentation, we will get more eyes on your product. They will come. We guarantee it.Whatever your size, you are a real business serving real customers. Let us make you look as good as you feel, and let us put you in touch with more potential customers. We are excellent at what we do, and we love doing it.


How can SEO help your company?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a kind of strategy that is very useful in promoting the exposure of any website on the internet through improved visibility on Google and even Bing. Website optimization with the Ninja SEO is done in a very professional manner and in such a way that the client would always be in a position of benefiting from the satisfactory results that are produced.We support business in reaching a very high level of visibility and success. This company is very good at helping any blog, video detectable or website to the people who love using the search engines. Some professionals work with this company, and they are always found doing an excellent job in handling the process of search engine optimization in the best way possible. There are a hell lot of SEO companies available throughout the market offering comprehensive SEO and website designing services but it is always important for an individual to research very carefully and then go about hiring the services of the best SEO company.



The first weapon in our arsenal is our plan. We never go into battle without a battle plan in place. In order to put a battle plan in place we use an outline to guide us in our investigation of your site’s weaknesses and strengths.


SEO Code of honor and RESPECT

You might think that SEO’s don’t have a code of honor, but we actually do. We respect that. If you leave us and go with another client we will not hold your site hostage for any reason.


Keyword Research

Changing your keyword focus just a little bit can sometimes help you out in very large ways. I removed a keyword from a client’s site and suddenly went from 10 hits a month to over 20k.

Local SEO

If you do business locally and you want your website to help you with that. We can help you with that also. By improving you citations in both accuracy and effectivenes we can increase your website’s traffic.


Paying attention to your analytics goes along with keyword research as well as your local SEO metrics. We watch how your site reacts to the SEO and make changes that work accordingly.

Design / Branding

You only get one time to make a good first impression. If you are losing people from your site because your site design is outdated Google will notice that people are leaving your site and will move other ahead of your site in the searches.


Content is king. If you are having trouble engaging your viewers it could simple stem from poor copy.  Maybe you are not communicating as well as you could be. We will look into it as well.

On Page SEO

Your on-page SEO is one the first things we ‘tackle’. Or perhaps I should say throw down. On-page SEO is a collection of on site factors that Google looks for to help rank your site.

Site Speed

Your site speed not only effects users that come to your site, but if your site is really slow it will effect your indexing as well. Google crawls at one speed and if you are too slow to be crawled Google will not index your site.

Responsive / Mobile First

Google indexes website’s mobile first. If your site is not mobile ready it will hurt your ranking. In order to be found you have to visible on all devices. Otherwise you are bound to be left behind.

Site Indexing

One wrong move with your Canonical link and your site can drop off of Google. If your site is returning server errors Google will drop you like a hot rock. Good indexing will improve your site health overall.

Step by Step On-Page SEO

We use a step by step process to dial in your on-page SEO drastically improving your organic search results.

Analytics Monitoring

A website’s SEO needs to be monitored continually and adjustments need to be made when we know we can take advantage of an SEO technique.

Content and Copy

When you combine decent on-page SEO with really good copy your site can show dramatic improvements.

Your website is your one of your greatest branding tools available. We look at your visuals and suggest improvements.