Our Branding Services

Branding is how people become familiar with your brand.

Logo and Logo Design

Your logo is important to us. Logo design is an art form. This is what people will associate with your business. Your logo needs to speak to your customers. 

Fonts and Font Pairing

Have you heard of font pairing? This is the art of putting two fonts together so that they harmonize with each other. 

Color Schemes

Also important with your company branding is your color scheme. Most color scheme are limited to one or two colors. What can you say with two colors? Actually quite a bit! 

Branding Examples

Here is a small collection of some branding we worked on recently. For more design services click here

Western Christian Academy Art Direction and Web Design
Western Christian Academy Company Branding

A fun and yet professional look was needed for Western Christian Academy’s website and company branding. Redoing their logo set the tone for the rest of the site. 

Northstar Taps Company Branding
Northstar Taps Company Branding

Brannon contacted us about creating his logo for his new company. What a fun project! Brannon is an amazing photographer that likes to shoot celestial photos so it made sense that his logo shared in this interest as well. 

Newborn Art Direction and Branding
Newborn Jiu Jitsu

Newborn Jiu Jitsu is arguably Spokane’s top Jiu Jitsu gym. Their membership keeps growing as done the business. 

This was one of our first clients. It was our goal from the very beginning to make Newborn standout from the crowd. When people think of Newborn Jiu Jitsu they should assume they are a large substantiated gym that has been around for years and years. We put a lot of special care and time into their products for this reason. 

Other than their logo they rely on their two fonts for their products and consistent textures along with their color scheme. 

BlastFlyers Art Direction and Company Branding
BlastFlyers Company Branding

The blastflyers’ logo started with the retro rocket because it represents taking your clients to the top. We kept the rocket simple and fun. It was important to keep the branding friendly especially considered the bold color combination. 

Dermatology of Spokane
Dermatology of Spokane Company Branding

The Dermatology Clinic of Spokane. 

Our goal was to create a spa like branding with healthy earth tones. We really wanted to avoid the typical medical and sterile feel you see in a lot of dermatology sites. 

Lake Spokane Community Church Branding
Lake Spokane Community Church Company Branding

The church logo was made to look like an outdoor camping or hiking company so we thought it would be a good idea to stick with outdoor colors. We chose yellow and blue for the sky/water and sun.