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People remember logos. The more people that remember your logo the more they will remember your business. ​

Creating a good logo can be one of the toughest things to accomplish. The logo should represent the company well. We feel the simpler the logo the better. The most important part of the logo, however, is that it is remembered. We don’t want people to forget your company now do we?

Logo Design Services
We listen to what your needs are

We take the time to understand what your logo purpose is, what you want to get out of your logo, and who you are trying to reach. As you can imagine there is a large difference between a logo for a tech company and a sports team.

Round one
We show you three different ways your logo could be done in general. You might see an elegant version next to a minimalist version, or even a retro styled logo to compare the others with. We ask that you provide us with some feedback on the logos, which ones you like, which ones you don’t. Why you like them, or what you would change about them. From there we move on to round two.

Spokane Logo Design

We started with three different styles. Retro. Elegant. Modern.

Round two
Round two is much like round one except now the three different logos all have something in common. Maybe you liked an element in the first version, so we keep that element and offer three more different ways of seeing that logo come to life.

Logo Design in Spokane

We made a lot of progress on the first draft. This time around we focused on the gear with three different style options to choose from

Round three
The final round. This is where you will usually see your finished logo. We will have fine tuned the logos by this stage and typically one will work better than the others. Throughout the process we will offer whatever advice we can to help guide you through the process. In our opinion one of the logos will work better than the others and we better be able to explain why that is.

Spokane Logo Design

Being an engineering firm it makes sense that the gear looks like a blueprint, or computer draft.

Logo Design in Spokane