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Whether it is a logo, your business cards or your website, I design everything from the ground up. I will not simply install a theme and call it good. Each site is custom designed by me, for you. The goal in the design is communicate your business benefits to the customer and be memorable.

Company Branding

What is company branding? To put it simply it is everything you use to help your customers identify your business. It can be in the form of logos and colors, to fonts and the type of stock photography you use. I will help you bring your company image into focus. If you don't already have one I will provide art direction upon request. One of the most memorable branding ideas is a company mascot. If that makes you curious, check out some of my illustrations. 🙂


There is a benefit to using WordPress which is why I, and most web design companies, use it. Actually there are a few benefits. One, is that there are a lot of people with knowledge of WordPress. If you ever need to hire someone new to handle your site you will have plenty to choose from. Secondly, the plugins. There are a ton of plugins that you can use to help increase your site's functionality. A lot of them are free. Third, security. WordPress is updated regularly to help keep it secure. You can also add on a plugin or two to help tighten your site down.

Content Marketing and SEO

A website that cannot be found is not much of a website at all. Its more like a high-end digital business card. It's really important for your web designer/developer to keep up to date on the latest trends in the SEO world. People are looking for answers that you can provide, so let's put you in contact with them. To do that, we will work on your SEO and your content marketing with my 50 point SEO plan.


Web design samples

Western Christian Academy

National website for WCA. They are an accredited Christian Homeschool organization located in Prather California. 

Newborn/Cascao Jiu Jitsu

Top notch school for Jiu Jitsu in the Spokane area. The school has over 9 black belts and several team awards. 

Ahrend Law PLLC

Thoughts and comments.

Martial Artists Adam Smith

Oh brother!!!!! You always impress my friend!!

A. Smith

Spokane Web Design Company

But a big THANK YOU and I'm flattered that you used my website as one of your projects, it does look great!

B. Lammers


If you are anything like me you run out of time in the day to get things done. If you had someone making sales while you were busy doing other things, that would be great wouldn’t it? 

Well, that is exactly what a website can do for you. It can show your potential customer around your shop and answer questions they might have. If you do a good job they will tell others. 

So, let’s free up some of your time and get your website working for you. 

So, why hire me?

Because I do more than just design a pretty looking website. and because you want the best, but don’t want to pay the most. So, unless you want to waste your cash give me a call. 

Ready to see what your site can do for you?