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Barabra contacted me when she decided her business needed a complete refresh. At the minimum she needed a logo and a website. She wasn’t sure of her branding direction, so I met with her and discussed her project. I was able to get a feel for what she was about and what her business meant to her.  

She needed a respectful business identity while at the same time she needed to have the identity feel grounded, and friendly to her clientele. When you hire an accountant you hire someone that not only has the skill, but someone that you feel understands you. Not some large scale company that won’t remember your name. 

To achieve this I used natural colors, and made pretty good use of white space so the site is well organized and efficient. The font choices were also used to convey a serious business approach with a hint of friendly smile. 

The logo is more high tech feeling, which should contrast well with the natural feeling of the website. I chose a font which reflects business, and made it lower case to communicate a more friendly atmosphere. 

In addition to the site and the logo I also was the primary photographer. The images I took we used on the website. She also receive a couple of images of her dog. 🙂 

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