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Timothy Eberly Photography

I am an all around lover of photography. I have spent many years seeing the world through my lens. I don’t think I have a favorite style exactly. I like to shoot anything that inspires me. It is a great tool to have when it comes to getting custom shots for a client. I end up using them on their sites, social media, flyers and business cards. 

Here is a small sample of my photography.

Seattle Morning with Mt. Rainier
Waterfall photography
Coeur d'Alene Lake
Lightning and sunflowers
Sunflowers in the evening
Girl looking into the sun rays
Sunset and sailboat

I like photography so much that I devoted my personal site to it. This is my own personal website. I share my photography and other art creations on the site. I wanted it to have an interesting layout and be quite bold. Some of my favorite styles of graphic design include Swiss Modern. The site is mostly in that style. 

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