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Western Christian Academy
2019 - current
Western Christian Academy


Western Christian Academy was in dire need of a make-over. Their old site was very outdated. It didn’t look like a serious school and it lacked the function the school site really needed. 

I needed to modernize the school website to improve their look and trustworthiness while also making the site more useful for the students with teacher bios, etc.


Give the site a clean minimalist look using colors that meant business and fun. I also worked hard to improve loading speeds and SEO in general. 


Modernize the look of the website. Make the site responsive.  Art direction was also needed. Basically I had to start from scratch. Which is what I love.


The logo: The logo is a combination shield, cross and planet. I wanted the logo to reflect “Christian Worldview”, while looking like a modern school. The old logo was clipart, so I felt it extremely important to have it redone. The logo had to be appropriate for a large school. This meant simple and easy to process.  


The colors: Blue to convey serious business and yellow to convey fun while learning. 


Moving away from the old logo and content heavy homepage to a more pleasing homepage that best describes the company and what they do. 


Introducing the company to the new logos and the new possibilities helped gain the confidence of the owners and staff.