Write Better Titles And Drive Traffic To Your Site

People go online to get something. That something is either information or a product/service.

Better titles means more traffic to your site. Your website is not just your business card or a flyer. It is your sign out front of your building and the first thing you say to your prospective clients. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. What do they want from you? Chances are they probably don’t care what kind of coffee you had for breakfast or who you voted for in the last election. They probably don’t care if you are a born again Christian or a devoted Buddhist. That is what they go to church for. No, what they want from you is what they came to you for. Identify that, and then give it to them. Sounds pretty simple, but a lot of people miss this little tid bit of advice when building their site.

Your titles and content should be written for your client, not yourself. For example:

Poor title: “Our service is really fast”

Better title: “Delivered to your door in less than a week”

Titles should be more specific. Vague titles don’t work very well in searches.

Poor title: “Website improvement advice”

Better title: “10 amazing ways to increase your site’s traffic”

Watch your competition. Improve on their titles and slowly your site will gain rank.

Here are some other ways you can improve your titles:

  1. Keep them interesting. 
  2. Use your Keywords. 
  3. Don’t make them too long. 6 to 8 words is about right. 
  4. Use words that illicit an emotional response. Words like Scintillating, painstakingly, and Brilliant! 
  5. Use words that make the reader curious. How did [subject] become so amazing this year?

That should get you started. Good titles will bring you more traffic to your site. It is not uncommon for good blog writers to spend a whole day writing a really good title.
Oh and here is an awesome little hack to keep in mind when writing your killer titles.